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Communication in Spectrum

There are several places online in which announcements, discussion, and collaboration happen. Rather than tell you about them all at once, though, it is best to tell you which ones are relevant to you, given how you would like to participate (or not) in the project.

Our primary methods of communication are mailing lists and IRC. If this is not how you are used to interacting with free software projects, DON’T PANIC.

We provide instructions for how to get started, and several different interfaces for you to choose from depending on what workflow (web, mail, Atom, etc.) makes you most comfortable. Details of these will be explained further on, but first, you should figure out what communication channels are actually relevant for you.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with announcements from Spectrum’s developers, subscribe to You can discuss Spectrum and related topics in real time on IRC, or more long-form on spectrum-announce ( Finally, development work happens in Spectrum’s source repositories, and is discussed on spectrum-devel (

Matrix Chat

There is a single Matrix chat room,, for all kinds of Spectrum discussion.

You can also join through IRC — #spectrum on Libera.Chat.

Mailing Lists

If you are interested in participating in the project, or even just following along with it, the best thing to do is subscribe to one or more of the Spectrum mailing lists.

If mailing lists are not your thing, that is okay! Try the Web UI, which allows you to interact with the mailing lists much like a modern web forum.

Each list has archives that can also be accessed via the web, NNTP or Atom. You are strongly encouraged to mirror them.

This is a one-way list where announcements from Spectrum’s developers will be posted.

You can subscribe on the web, or by sending mail to

This list contains high-level discussion about the project.

You can subscribe on the web, or by sending mail to

This list is where low-level technical discussions happen, and where patches are sent.

There is a separate guide for the Spectrum development process, including how patches are sent to this list and discussed. For more information, see Working with Patches.

You can subscribe on the web, or by sending mail to