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003 Partitioning




Partitions are required to install the Spectrum operating system, VMs and store user data.


<blockdevice>                        # EFI system partition
<blockdevice>                        # XBOOTLDR
<blockdevice>                        # A
<blockdevice>                        # B
# first 32 GB are reserved for Spectrum system
# rest of the disk is reserved for user data
<blockdevice>n-1                     # bootstrap user data
<blockdevice>n to the end of disk    # user data


  • LVM may support resizing - both increasing and decreasing with some limitation when there’s alreay data on volume(s).

  • Does LVM work with all disk types?

  • We have to implement XBOOTLDR to support EFI system partition created by Windows — to support dual boot.