Spectrum — a step towards usable secure computing

Spectrum is a project that aims to create a computer operating system, based on the principle of security by compartmentalization, that has a lower barrier to entry and is easier to use and maintain than other such systems.

User data and application state will be managed centrally, while remaining isolated, meaning that the system can be backed up and managed as a whole, rather than mixed up in several dozen virtual machines.

The host system and isolated environments will all be managed declaratively and reproducibly using Nix, a purely functional package manager. This will save the user the burden of maintaining many different virtual computers, allowing finer-grained resource access controls and making it possible to verify the software running across all environments.

Spectrum is free software, currently under active development. If you are interested in participating, we'd love to have you.

Funding for Spectrum is provided by NGI Zero, an initiative by the Digital Single Market of the European Commission.

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