Spectrum — a step towards usable secure computing

Spectrum is a project that aims to create a computer operating system, based on the principle of security by compartmentalization, that has a lower barrier to entry and is easier to use and maintain than other such systems.

User data and application state will be managed centrally, while remaining isolated, meaning that the system can be backed up and managed as a whole, rather than mixed up in several dozen virtual machines.

Spectrum is an upstream-first project. Wherever possible, we aim to participate in cross-project collaboration to move the entire free desktop ecosystem forward, rather than desgining Spectrum-specific solutions. This reduces the amount of software that Spectrum as a small project is solely responsible for maintaining, and it derisks the project — even if Spectrum does not achieve all its goals, our efforts will have resulted in improvements across the board of free desktop systems.

Spectrum is free software, currently under active development. If you are interested in participating, we'd love to have you.

Spectrum is mostly funded through individual donations on GitHub Sponsors and LiberaPay. Additional funding is provided by NGI Zero, an initiative by the Digital Single Market of the European Commission.

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