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masterstyle.css: highlight targetsAlyssa Ross5 months
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2022-09-01style.css: highlight targets HEAD masterAlyssa Ross
2022-09-01bibliography.html: link to cgit atom feedAlyssa Ross
2022-08-05style.css: drop workaround for old FirefoxAlyssa Ross
2022-08-05participating.html: fix typoAlyssa Ross
2022-05-23contributing.html: mandate the DCOAlyssa Ross
2022-05-19index.html: update documentation linkAlyssa Ross
2022-04-28todo.html: deleteAlyssa Ross
2022-04-23Clarify the GFDL SPDX expressionAlyssa Ross
2022-04-20participating.html: HTML mail is now allowedAlyssa Ross
2022-03-03Add ImpressumAlyssa Ross