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mastervsockclient: allow null applicationAlyssa Ross3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-03-24vsockclient: allow null application HEAD masterAlyssa Ross
2021-03-24Remove unused includesAlyssa Ross
2021-03-22configure: reject invalid argumentsAlyssa Ross
2021-03-22Set up clang-formatAlyssa Ross
2021-03-21vsockserver: fix uninitialized variableAlyssa Ross
2021-03-21exec: free argv if exec failsAlyssa Ross
2021-03-21Extract vsockserver-socketbinder and vsockserverdAlyssa Ross
2021-03-21exec: add execzp()Alyssa Ross
2021-03-21log: add die functionAlyssa Ross
2021-03-21configure: create, to generate config.hAlyssa Ross