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* Merge remote-tracking branch 'obsidiansystems/work-on-multi-shellFor'Matthew Bauer2020-01-17
| * shellFor: Refactor for consistency and crossJacquin Mininger2020-01-17
* |{clang,libcxx}-{8,9}: add stdenv tests for LLVM 8, 9Will Dietz2019-09-19
* treewide: remove redundant recvolth2019-08-28
* treewide: use dontUnpackworldofpeace2019-07-01
* treewide: remove unused variables (#63177)volth2019-06-16
* all-packages/test: add gcc9Stdenv, cc-wrapper-gcc9Austin Seipp2019-05-07
* wasm: init cross targetMatthew Bauer2019-04-23
* cross/tests: add llvm-based testsMatthew Bauer2019-02-26
* llvm: support cross compilation with useLLVM flagMatthew Bauer2019-02-26
* linux: added tests for the configMatthieu Coudron2019-01-28
* Merge pull request #50212 from matthewbauer/host-emulatorMatthew Bauer2018-11-29
| * treewide: add emulator to platformMatthew Bauer2018-11-29
* | Merge pull request #49290 from krebs/nix-writersJörg Thalheim2018-11-27
|\ \
| * | build-support writers: add testslassulus2018-11-27
| |/
* | pkgs/test/nixos-functions: use dummy versioningJan Malakhovski2018-11-19
* | pkgs/test/nixos-functions: Add inline docRobert Hensing2018-11-13
* | tests: Don't use pkgs.extend. OfBorg will reject it.Robert Hensing2018-11-13
* | Add tests for pkgs.nixos and pkgs.nixosTestRobert Hensing2018-11-13
* Remove openftdJan Tojnar2018-10-21
* Merge branch 'master' into stagingVladimír Čunát2018-09-24
| * tests: add variants for llvm7Will Dietz2018-09-23
* | top-level/release.nix: add patchShebangs testDan Peebles2018-09-16
* pkgs/tests: Add test for LD_LIBRARY_PATHTuomas Tynkkynen2018-08-01
* tests: add some cross testsMatthew Bauer2018-07-21
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into stagingJohn Ericson2018-06-18
| * Fix sanitizer conditionJohn Ericson2018-06-18
* | llvm 5: split out compiler-rt and remove libcxxabi depJohn Ericson2018-06-14
* llvm 6: Fix libcxxabi impurity and darwin sanitizersJohn Ericson2018-06-14
* do not test sanitizers on darwinOrivej Desh2018-06-06
* skip known-broken sanitizer casesBenjamin Saunders2018-05-30
* clang_6: fix sanitizers under libstdc++Benjamin Saunders2018-05-24
* verify building with sanitizersBenjamin Saunders2018-05-24
* tests: move to attribute setMatthew Bauer2018-05-10
* tree-wide: autorename gnome packages to use dashesJan Tojnar2018-02-25
* sierra-shared-test: fix buildDaiderd Jordan2018-01-05
* Add clang multilib variants (x64_64-only, 64/32bit), basic multilib testsWill Dietz2017-12-05
* treewide: Use `*Platform.extensions`John Ericson2017-09-13
* nixpkgs-tests: add basic test for buildInputsDaiderd Jordan2017-09-10
* nixpkgs-tests: add basic test for cc-wrapperDaiderd Jordan2017-09-10
* macos-sierra-shared: Make live code and add to nascent Darwin channelJohn Ericson2017-07-31
* cc-wrapper-test: Use `$CXX` else the C++ std lib won't be on the include pathJohn Ericson2017-07-31
* cc-wrapper-test: Don't use assertJohn Ericson2017-07-31
* cc-wrapper-test: Forgot to `extern "C"` now that main is C++John Ericson2017-07-31
* cc-wrapper: Beef up sierra tests to actually use functionsJohn Ericson2017-07-31
* cc-wrapper: WIP linking hack for mac OSJohn Ericson2017-07-31
* Remove cruftEelco Dolstra2016-04-26
* Merge branch 'master' into closure-sizeVladimír Čunát2016-04-01
| * Replace references to all-packages.nix, by references to the top-level of nix...Nicolas B. Pierron2016-03-13
* | curl: split into multiple outputsVladimír Čunát2015-10-13