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* common-updater-scripts: Fix breakagetalyz2019-11-26
* treewide: Get rid of most `parseDrvName` without breaking compatJohn Ericson2019-11-24
* treewide: use dontUnpackworldofpeace2019-07-01
* common-updater-scripts: simplify fetchgit fixJan Tojnar2019-06-02
* common-updater-scripts: keep the unescaped oldVersionJan Tojnar2019-06-02
* common-updater: Fix syntaxTim Steinbach2019-05-06
* common-updater-scripts: fix fallback version detectionJan Tojnar2019-05-03
* update-source-version: Fixes, add --ignore-same-hashTim Steinbach2019-04-06
* common-updater-scripts: Add file and system flagsJan Tojnar2019-03-02
* common-update-scripts: fixup for current/latest nix hash outputWill Dietz2019-02-11
* common-updater, firefox: fix updater for firefoxtaku02018-11-16
* common-updater: support updating source URLtaku02018-03-16
* update-source-version: Fix regex metacharacterTuomas Tynkkynen2018-02-17
* common-update-scripts: fix compatibility with Nix unstableJan Tojnar2018-02-17
* update-source-version: Name part of `name` can contain dashesTuomas Tynkkynen2017-12-26
* update-source-version: Don't require whitespace around equals signTuomas Tynkkynen2017-12-26
* update-source-version: More robust scanning for the output hashTuomas Tynkkynen2017-12-26
* update-source-version: Less strict regex for `name = ...` linesTuomas Tynkkynen2017-12-26
* update-source-version: Check for sources not dependent on ${version}Tuomas Tynkkynen2017-12-26
* update-source-version: Escape plus sign if it occurs in versionTuomas Tynkkynen2017-12-26
* common-updater-script: fix error handlingtaku02017-05-19
* maintainers: Add script to patch version/sha256 in .nix filesTuomas Tynkkynen2017-02-19