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* crosvm: fix balloon and USB sockets HEAD masterAlyssa Ross2020-06-15
* crosvm: fix deadlock on early VmRequestAlyssa Ross2020-06-15
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Alyssa Ross2020-06-14
| * kvm: use MappedRegion traitGurchetan Singh2020-06-12
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Alyssa Ross2020-06-14
| * acpi: support user provided ACPI SDTs.Tomasz Jeznach2020-06-01
| * devices: virtio: Initial implementation of virtio-video deviceKeiichi Watanabe2020-05-23
* | crosvm: fix file_to_i64 commentAlyssa Ross2020-05-22
* Set MS_SLAVE mount propagation for virtio-fsChirantan Ekbote2020-04-28
* Remove redundant single-component importsDaniel Verkamp2020-04-26
* Apply same permissions to pmem-region alignments.Iliyan Malchev2020-04-23
* sys_util: timerfd: Methods don't need to me mutDylan Reid2020-04-23
* arch, main: add virtio-console parsing and creationDaniel Verkamp2020-04-23
* crosvm: Apply cargo fix for some clippy errorsKeiichi Watanabe2020-04-15
* msg_socket: add specialized error for zero sized recvZach Reizner2020-04-14
* devices: pmem: implement flush using msync()Daniel Verkamp2020-04-08
* crosvm balance available memoryCharles William Dick2020-04-06
* Virtio-net: Let queue-num could configurableXiong Zhang2020-04-04
* Virtio-net: Add multi queues in multi threadsXiong Zhang2020-04-04
* crosvm virtio balloon statsCharles William Dick2020-03-31
* audio: Create AC97 device with --ac97 optionJudy Hsiao2020-03-20
* Fix into_iter() usage where iter() sufficesDaniel Verkamp2020-03-10
* Vfio: Multi vfio device supportXiong Zhang2020-03-09
* Vfio: multi vfio group supportXiong Zhang2020-03-06
* Use simple virtio_input_events where possible.Noah Gold2020-03-06
* crosvm: Add plumbing for split-irqchip interruptsZhuocheng Ding2020-03-05
* devices: PIC: implement interrupt injectionZhuocheng Ding2020-03-05
* Add logic to setup PIC/IOAPIC.Zhuocheng Ding2020-03-05
* linux: fix unused code warning without gpu featureDaniel Verkamp2020-03-02
* ac97: switch to ShmStreamSourceFletcher Woodruff2020-02-28
* linux: add disk path to open error messageDaniel Verkamp2020-02-27
* Don't pivot_root when using host's root directoryChirantan Ekbote2020-02-22
* Refactor 9p device jailChirantan Ekbote2020-02-21
* unify jail creationMatt Delco2020-02-19
* acpipm: implement suspend and resume mechanismChuanxiao Dong2020-02-19
* Use display size as the default size for single touchKaiyi Li2020-02-12
* Allow mounts to propagate into 9p device jailChirantan Ekbote2020-02-04
* crosvm: pstore works for ARCVM on x86_64Kansho Nishida2020-02-03
* linux: use ScopedEvent to trigger the `exit_evt` in vcpu threadsZach Reizner2020-02-01
* crosvm: add support for bpf policy filesMatt Delco2020-01-22
* MsgSocket: Don't implement DerefChirantan Ekbote2020-01-17
* gpu_display: implement stub displayJason Macnak2020-01-14
* devices: remove user_command from proxy deviceZach Reizner2020-01-09
* crosvm: align pmem region size to 2MiBStephen Barber2020-01-07
* devices: virtio: wl: Support multiple socketsRyo Hashimoto2020-01-07
* Cast refernces of libc::RLIMIT_NOFILE to i32 for newer libc crate.Allen Webb2019-12-26
* crosvm: treat FailEntry as fatal to a vcpuStephen Barber2019-12-20
* utilize EventDevices to make virtio-input devicesZach Reizner2019-12-11
* devices: block: add block_size option for disksDaniel Verkamp2019-12-10
* Remove render node forward codeLepton Wu2019-12-10